flexible eccentric rubber reducing coupling

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  • Model   GJQ(X)
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Product Introduction

Introduction of eccentric rubber reducing coupling 

Eccentric rubber reducing coupling can solve the problem of different diameter when connecting to metal pipe, has the effect of the damping noise reduction at the same time, and can save piping parts, saving cost. It consists of inner rubber, fabric reinforced layer, middle layer, outer layer, end reinforced metal ring or steel wire ring, metal flange or parallel of union.


Characteristics of eccentric  rubber reducing coupling   

With high pressure, good elasticity, large displacement, balancing pipe deviation, absorption vibration and good noise reduction effect, convenient installation and other characteristics, eccentric reducing rubber expansion joint can be widely used in water supply and drainage, circulating water, hvac, fire protection, papermaking, pharmaceutical, petrochemical, ship piping system, water pump, compressor, fan, etc.

  • An economic and space saving way to combine a reducing pipe fitting with an expansion joint
  • Available in custom offset arrangements and sizes not shown
  • Versatile hand-built construction. Made in the U.S.A.
  • Standard or custom face to face dimensions
  • Excellent all directional movement capability
  • Absorbs noise, vibration and shock
  • 250ºF continuous service standard, 400ºF available
  • Integral flange design, no gaskets required
  • ANSI 150 lb. drilling standard, other standard drilling available, including ASA 300 lb., DIN, PN, JIS, API, and Navy
  • Filled arch design available
  • Available in high pressure (HP) and high temperature (HT) designs  

Classification of eccentric  rubber reducing coupling   

Generic class: suitable for conveying water that the temperature is -15~80 ¡ãC and the acid solution or alkali solution that concentration is below 10%.

Special classes: suitable for special performance requirements, such as resistance to oil, plug, ozone, abrasion and resistance to chemical corrosion.

Heat-resistant class: suitable for conveying water that temperature is higher than 80¡ãC.



Main performance and functions of eccentric  rubber reducing coupling   

1. Pipe ¨C the pump installation: the eccentric reducing expansion joint is used to prevent cavitation, when installed at the entrance of the pump, it generally should be installed roof flat, thus prevent the pipe gas accumulating in the pump inlet, form big bubbles into pump cavity, and damage the pump. Only one case can be smooth installation. That is behind the head size directly after bending elbow upward. In this case the gas phase may not accumulate.

2. Pump, pipeline concentric reducer installation: there are differences between the pump export DN and outside pipeline system. Using the concentric reducing expansion joint, which can realize the two pipes of different size linear connection, the realization of variable diameter pipe fittings.

Eccentric reducing rubber expansion joint axial displacement is: rubber joint¡¯s elongation or compression is in line with the fluid flow direction (that is, the central axis direction).

Eccentric reducing rubber expansion joint lateral displacement is: rubber joint¡¯s axis displacement is in a direction perpendicular to the flow direction.

Eccentric reducing rubber expansion joint angular displacement is: rubber joint of two end face of the Angle sum of the vertical centerline and the original axis.

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