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compensator bellow-flange stainless steel compensator bellows

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    Expansion joint bellow: 1.Size:32-1600mm 2.PN:0.1-6Mpa 3.Temp:-196~420 deg.C 4.Standard:GB/T...

Product Introduction

Stainless steel bellow expansion joint/bellow compensator/expansion joint bellow


u  stainless steel compensator bellows Features

  1. shock absorption
  2. easy installment and keep up
  3. resistant to medium and temperature, pressure
  4. This product can greatly reduce vibration and noise, pipeline system but can not solve all kinds of pipe interface displacement, degree of axial stretching problems.
  5. The material can be made according to different acid, alkali, corrosion, oil heat and other kinds of species to adapt to various of media and the environment.
  6. Material is a polar rubber, sealing, light weight, easy installation and maintenance, long life, but to avoid contact with sharp metal instruments, so as not to puncture the sphere.
  7. Without supporting bracket should use flexible stent, installation bolt tightened to use the diagonal method
  8. Such as the pipeline pressure is too high, the application of limit bolts to both ends of the flange together
  9. Flange connection standard adapt GB standard as to other standards, can be explain. Level of the product working pressure 0.1-6.0Mpa. 


u  stainless steel compensator bellows Technique parameter



corrugated expansion   joint/bellows compensator/shock absorber



angle direction compensate


work temperature

-196~420 deg.C

angle direction compensate

10-40 degree


100-2000mm or as custom request





consult standard

AISI,ASME,GB/T14525-1999 or   GB/T12777-2008 national standard


carbon steel , stainless steel   , alloy steel , low-temperature steel




 large amount of   compensation and long life

Delivery time



u  Undertake OEM:    

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