Stainless Steel Flexible Bellows

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    Bellows Expansion Joint Bellows absorb vibration/noise/movement Bellows joints for high and low ...

Product Introduction

Stainless Steel Flexible Bellows Features and Benefits:

High Pressure Resistance

The Stainless Steel Flexible Bellows provides flexibility and prevents leakage, but has virtually no resistance to pressure thrust. When higher pressures are needed, it is seldom accomplished by thicker tubing as you would lose flexibility. Stainless Steel Flexible Bellows Style primly solves the problem. Stainless Steel Flexible Bellows is accommodated by the using of stainless steel braid, using braid with heavier wire or tighter spacing described as Double or Triple Braid or just multiple braid layers. Pressure capability is largely a function of the braid, when fluid or gas pressure is applied to each corrugation, it tends to open axially, and this adds to the thrust of the pipe area multiplied by the line pressure, as the thrust pulls on the anchored braid ends, the interwoven bias weave applies inward radial pressure to the corrugations as well, the pressure thrust is effectively equalized. 

Vibration, Noise and Shock Reducing

Stainless Steel Flexible Bellows effectively dampen and insulate downstream piping against the transmission of noise and vibration generated by mechanical equipment. Noise and vibrations caused by equipment can cause stress in pipe, pipe guides, anchors and other equipment downstream. The Style Stainless Steel Flexible Bellows will help relieve noise and vibration occurrences in a pipe system. Water hammer and pumping impulses can also cause strain, stress or shock to a piping system. Install the Style to help compensate for these system pressure spikes.

Compensates for Misalignment

Stainless Steel Flexible Bellows are commonly used by contractors and plant personnel to allow for slight pipe misalignment during installation of new piping and or replacement applications. (If longer shape is allowed, Style can offset any misalignment. Contact Ldflex for resultant movement capability based on flange face to face length.)

Wide Size and Service Range

Stainless Steel Flexible Bellows Stock sizes include 13mm(1/2) through 350mm (14) pipe diameter. Engineered to operate up to 30 bar (200 PSIG). Temperature ranges are from below -18C (0F) to 454C (850F) when using our standard 304 stainless steel. On rare occasions, when temperatures as high as 816C (1500F) are needed, Type 316 or 321 are available too. Standard construction is single braided, but we can provide double braid for higher pressures or omit the braid for low pressure venting or exhaust applications.



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