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Made in China bellows expansion joint

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    Bellows expansion joint is also called metal bellows joint, expansion bellows joint,metal expansion ...

Product Introduction

Bellows expansion joints application

Bellows expansion  joints are commonly found where pipe size transitions from a larger diameter to a smaller one, or in areas where the pipe bends around a corner or obstacle. These applications frequently lead to pressure changes within the pipe that require a bellows expansion joint to maintain the integrity of the system. A bellows joint may also be found in steam pipes, or pipes that carry volatile gases or chemicals. As pressure modulates along the pipe run, one or more bellows expansion joints helps to reduce strain on the walls of the pipe.

Bellows expansion joint performance

Bellows expansion  joint can move in a number of ways, it's able to absorb a variety of different forces. These joints can expand and contract with ease along an axis, or when subjected to lateral forces. They also move both above and below the elevation of the pipe to absorb angular forces. By moving in a variety of directions, a bellows joint not only absorbs and controls movement, but also reduces the impact of vibration and minor seismic activity. In addition to protecting the piping structure and supports, this also minimizes noise levels within the building.

Bellows expansion joint characters

Pipe end or flange ends,Typical bellow material SS304 or SS316,Typical flange material carbon steel,stainless steel or otherwise specified. Corrosive fluids, large movements, vibrations and a wide variety of pressure levels as well as extreme temperatures: The one who is responsible for plant engineering or equipment design must take many factors into consideration.

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