rubber non-metalic compensator

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    Material:Carbon Steel,Rubber and Carbon steel Technics:Forged Type:Coupling Place of Origin...

Product Introduction

non-metalic compensator characters

1)reasonable structure,good elasticity,large range of compensation pipeline and little counterforce to the brackets of pipeline.

2) shock absorption and noise decrese, heat and dust insulation

3) the displacement can be deflected to prevent damage caused by subsidence of connected brackets and equipment base.

4) it is convenience to installation and maintenance

 non-metalic compensator technique

a)Screw down the flange bolt reqularly and the tightness of all bolts shall be same as soon as possible .under bad condistions,flat pad as well as spring gasket shall be installed to preventthe nut loosening
b)Relevant rubber asbestos pad shall be installed between compensator and matching flange in accordance with the working temperature.
c)In the test,placing screw of compensator shall be appropriately adjsuted to make it convenient to compensation.
d)In welding connection ,the placing screw shall be appropriately loosened to prevent distortion.
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