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    fabric compensator composition: 1. mineral fibre fabric w/ply (e.g. nickel, stainless steel) 2...

Product Introduction

Product characteristics

Fabric compensator takes advantages of high flexibility and high air impermeability and medium resistance of rubber as well as compliance and heat glassí¬fabric resistance of  and is prepared at both ends with metal spool and flange in connection with wind machine and air duct ,which can compensate the thermal expansion by the operation of air duct and multidirections displacement. For better compliance of rubber and fabric and good sound absorption and vibration isolation, the noise and vibration passage can be reduced effectively in the operation of boiler, wind machine and air current. Because the main materials are rubber or fabric and fiber heat preservation materials of light weight without thrust in reverse and in no need of pipe supporting seat, a lot of materials are used so it has good heat resistance and corrosion resistance. In addition, rubber has better air impermeability absolutely without leakage and with lower price than metal compensator and import products.

Application scope 



Firepower power plant

Air escape of boiler and gas turbine

Landification industry

Air escape of boiler and industrial furnace

Fume extractor and desulfurizer

Warm and dry ventilating duct

Metallurgy system

Fume and dust extraction of blast furnace

Nucleus power plant

Air exchanging device

Cement industry

Various kilns, dust collecting and fume and dusting extracting system


Dust collector

Entrance and exit of wind machines of all the equipment

Dust collector

Air heater


Induced draft fan



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