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    (1)25 years experience manufacturer (2)China's nuclear power suppliers (3)Fabric compensator crite...

Product Introduction

Fabric compensators are generally made up of several layers. In most cases, these layers are not glued or sewn together. In the clamping area, however, the individual layers of the febric compensator are always connected for transport reasons. As is explained in greater detail in Section 6.0 ¡°The sealing of febric compensators and impermeability testing¡°, super structures with multiple layers, such as those necessary for controlling high temperatures, are more difficult to assess with respect to impermeability than are febric compensators consisting of just one or two layers. If impermeability is a particularly important concern, it can be achieved by using special heat-dispelling constructions of oneor two-layer Kempchen febric compensators.

Fabric compensator Range of application
(1) Soft-material compensators have been proven to withstand:
(2) in pipes and ducts for gaseous media such as air, flue gas,
(3) exhaust gas
(4) temperatures of up to 700 ¡ãC and higher
(5) pressures of up to 500 mbar

(6) major axial movement and ¨C often concurrently ¨C lateral or angular loads
(7) all industry sectors such as thermal power plants, gas turbine plants, the chemicals industry, flue gas desulphurisation plants, chimney and flue construction, ship construction, stationary diesel generator sets, waste incineration plants, flue gas treatment plants, dedusting plants, metallurgical industry.

Fabric Soft-materials compensators:
Insulation layers, insulation packs,
sealing foils, sealing layers
supporting layers,
protective layers, reinforced edges
Fabric Compensator protection components:
Internal pass tube,
external protective grating or equiv.
outlet nozzle,
sash frame
Fabric Compensator connection:
Bolted counterflanges,
clamping flanges, band clamps

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